Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Proof events, beer, and other things

So, the cask night on Wednesday was canceled at the last minute, but I made it out there and stayed at the bar anyway...it was Kill The Kegs, and I was more than happy drinking 2 and 3 dollar beers.

But, what IS happening tonight at Proof:

@ 8 pm Bluepoint Brewing launch party and glassware giveaway! Meet both the owner and Brewmaster tonight as the Long Island company makes it's debut in North Florida.

October 29th: @ 8 pm; Victory Hopdevil India Pale Ale cask ale night and glassware giveaway. That's what the title says, but the info states that it's a cask of Hop-Wallop. I guess we'll see just which one it is.

October 30th: @ 8 pm; Proof's second birthday/Tallahassee Brewfest after party/Halloween party. Horror movies on the big screen, killer specials, treats and a costume contest for bar tabs.

And, don't forget Tallahassee Brewfest @ the Tallahassee Antique Car Museum from 5-9 pm. Tickets are $29.99/$99 for VIP.

Now, with all that out of the way, ON TO THE BEER!

IPA by Lagunitas Brewing in Petaluma, California. This India Pale Ale is Lagunitas' flagship beer and brewed with 43 different hops and 65 various malts. Such a mixture leaves you with a very well balanced beer that's slightly more malty than hoppy, but don't you dare expect this to be anything other than an IPA. This is the perfect starter IPA for those who have little experience with more bitter beers or those who generally turn their noses up at hop intensive brews.

It wouldn't take long to convince someone to love this beer.

Had this at Fermentation Lounge.

Torpedo extra or double IPA by Sierra Nevada Brewing in Chico, California. You kind of already need a little hair on your chest to drink this. In fact, it's hardcore hoppiness is almost too much for even I to bare, but it's ability to titter on the cusp is why I love it. It's Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale's bad ass older brother. Very heavy, very herbal in flavor due to the whole cone American hops used in the dry hopping process, but very enjoyable. It takes some time to get this one down, but that's ok considering it's over 7%.

Bought this for a day with my old roommate Matt and also had this at Fermentation Lounge.

Two Hearted Ale by Bell's Brewing in Comstock, Michigan. An India Pale Ale and another 7%-er, this brew is made exclusively with American Centennial hops from the Pac Northwest which gives it i nice pine aroma and bitter citrus flavor. But don't worry, there's a ton of malts also to balance it out. It's crisp and bitter yet smooth and quickly reminds me of why i can't live my life with Budlight.

Had this for the first time at Fermentation Lounge

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