Friday, October 8, 2010

The Belgian Bonanza Continues

In keeping with my diary entries of the lighter, summery beers about to either be inappropriate to drink and/or off the shelves at some point, here are the rest I meant to talk about...yesterday...and perhaps even more to come, to be honest.

Before I even introduce this beer, I just want to say, there was a point where this was the only brew I'd consume when available, ha ha.

White by Allagash in Portland, Maine. Had this on draft at Proof and later in bottle at Fermentation Lounge.

Smooth, clean, crisp and yeasty at the end. It's an incredible summer beer, especially on a nasty, humid, damp, frizzy hair kind of night. The smell comes off sweet and bready with a hint of citrus and translates into the overall flavor.

An actual Belgian this time:

Duvel a Belgian, bottle conditioned, golden ale from Moortgat Brewery in Puurs Belgium. The head on this beer was so thick I could of floated a fat kid on it. Thick, creamy, and deliciously tangy.

And the last for this evening, a short brew for the summer only:

Satsuma by Abita Brewing in Abita Springs, Louisiana. Like the other fruit flavored beers I've tried from Abita, this one focuses more on the essence of the fruit, rather than cramming it down your throat. It's every bit a wit as one could be, so it's not for those who have held their dicks between their legs and ventured only into Shock Top or Blue Moon. Nice for the summer, and who doesn't love a brewery like Abita who go out of their way to help their community? Restoration, or SOS anyone?

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