Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gettin' warmer...

God, I felt like I had so much less in the wit/wheat/Belgian area but I guess that's all I could manage in this summer's 100 degree plus weather. The trouble of going through a book of 60+ beers falls hard in reality also.

Samurai by Great Divide Brewery in Denver, Colorado. A Rice Ale, something totally different from anything else I've ever had. The texture is like a wit once in your mouth but the yeast infection tang is totally absent. Instead it has an almost floral taste which is different and refreshing. Very crisp and smooth considering that it's an unfiltered beer, so be mindful when pouring.


Bought this bad boy at The Liquor Loft for a day of food, booze and mural creation with my old roommate Matt.

Joker hard cider by Ace out of Sonoma County California.

Now...I typically really hate ciders. Mostly because I love apple juice...a lot...and soon find myself face planted in a gutter somewhere after drinking too many because I forget there's alcohol content in that shit. That and it makes me feel like I'm in Junior High again and Mom and Dad won't allow me to have a sip of champagne.

But there's just something about this one that sets me off. I guess it's the wonderful mimosa feeling and flavor it has that makes me feel like a classy bitch. I don't really have anything to say other than MOMMY LIKES.

Had this guy at Fermentation as recommended by Tyler.

Blanche by Weyerbacher in Easton, Pennsylvania.

I love Penn and the amazing beers they produce in the state. Blanche is the only beer I've ever had from the Weyerbacher brewery and I can't say that I was terribly impressed. It truly is a very nice, very smooth, very drinkable white beer, however, nothing to specifically write home about.

I'm not going to pass judgment on this brewery until I've had more of their product, but, and as idiotic as this sounds, I'm never inclined to buy their beers and most of it has to do with the awful graphic designer they hired (sorry...I have a degree in art). I know, never judge a book by it's cover, but packaging is a big fucking deal in a media inundated society. Get your shit together, guys.

Bought this a The Liquor Loft for a night of booze hounding at the house.

The Love by Starr Hill Brewing from Charlottesville, Virginia. Someone once told me that one of the original brew masters from Starr Hill is the creator of Sweetwater, but I don't have the energy to research whether that's true or not. Starr Hill is the superior brewery in my opinion, however, The Love is a very disappointing wheat beer. Mediocre in both flavor and texture- the citrus tang at the end is very nice, but the rest is not very desirable. I won't buy this again.

Got this at Seminole Discount Liquor, and almost sorry I did, for beer pong at Tyler's.

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