Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some brews and upcoming events

Had these two beers the other afternoon with a buddy to celebrate, well, Sunday daytime.

Cali-Belgie IPA by Stone Brewing of Escondido California. Now, this is Stone's always amazing India Pale Ale brewed with Belgian yeast, creating a whole new monster of delicious proportions. It's bitter and tangy- more hop than barnyard in flavor with a nice piney finish. It bubbles against the lips the same way champagne does on the first couple of sips and bubbles straight up from the center and leaves nice rings on the glass. The IPA nature of this really comes out as it approaches room temperature and grows more bitter as it does. This is a really nice twist on an already good thing. ~7% ABV

Raison D'ĂȘtre A raisin brown ale from Dogfish Head of Milton Delaware. Belgian beet sugars and green raisins give this beer most of it's flavor- heavy and sweet. It drinks like a sweet, almost floral, New Castle Brown Ale. Pretty dark in the color wheel of beer and not very heady. I guess it was a cute idea to name this one after the French expression for "reason for existence", it was named "American beer of the year", whoever awards that title. This brew is great, don't get me wrong, very easy to drink, but I can't get behind it as the best thing I've had all year from this country. It feels too much like wine to be beer. 8% ABV.

And now, somethings that are happening!


Terrapin Cask Ale and Glassware Giveaway
Wednesday, January 12th @ 8pm
Mike Wallace of Terrapin Brewing will be on hand and as Proof serves up a very special treated cask of Terrapin Wake & Bake Stout. Other great Terrapin beers on tap include Moo-Hoo Chocolate Stout, Big Daddy Vladys Russian Imperial Stout, Wake & Bake Stout, So Fresh & So Green Green and more.

And...I was going to list a Craft Beer Fest happening down on the Space Coast, but I haven't been able to confirm the info. But I'll get on it.

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