Monday, January 3, 2011

See, i said I wouldn't forget about you

I am fortunate enough to have a family that hates beer (dad lives by the notion that he'd drink beer everyday if he could find something available in Florida that mimics The Walking Man Brewery's Old Kentucky Homo bourbon barrel aged Homo Erectus special batch to a T) but loves that I love beer and have this seemingly insane need to write about it. It's a clever ploy to encourage aloholism, really.

But getting back to the point, while attending Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival my younger sister found a hidden away beer treasure chest, and picked up this first beer:

Viru of Estonia brewed by A. Le Coq who brews Estonia's favorite beer...which is not Viru...The bottle, is cool, though I've always been a sucker for abnormal glassware and most especially when it's presented as though I'm getting it for free. A 5% ABV pilsner and to quote wikipedia (i know, shut-up) "The beer is brewed with malted barley from Lithuania, water drawn from artesian wells at the brewery, and Saaz hops from the city formerly Austrian named Saaz (since 1918 ┼Żatec, today in the Czech Republic).Hops have been produced here for more than seven centuries."

I personally am not a fan of pilsners, there's something in that skunkiness I just can't get behind. However, Viru has a very nice hint of sweetness to it that did find very unique about it...But a pislner, is still a pilsner, there's just something about that hop varietal. This is a beer I'd drink if it was offered to me, but I can easily say I'd never go out and buy it for myself. This was also my very first Estonian beer, and while I can't say I was wowed, I would venture to say I'd like to see what else folks drink there.

400 Lbs. Monkey by Left Hand Brewing of Longmont, Colorado. An English India Pale Ale that ranks in at just under 7% Alcohol By Volume. Made with three types of hops and four varieties of wheat, it smells like biscuits and tastes like amazing. Very unique in flavor, it almost tastes like it was made from some shit you'd find in your backyard, yet finshed with a refreshing citrus undertone. Balanced with it's bready tang from so much wheat, this is a beer I could drink all the time.

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